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About Us

About us

Welcome to HBclassified.com
This is a blog in which I will share many articles on different aspect of life such us insurance , loans and many other things that we require in our daily life.
Our main topics in this blog will be related to insurance , as we all of us need to insure ourselves , our families , homes, cars , business and so on.

Second main topic will be on health , everyone is concerned about his health and would like to discuss many different things that keep us feel healthy and sound all the time.

Also we will be glad to talk about technology and its importance in our lives and also its related features.

In addition to this we will cover some topics related to loans, we will discuss about home loans , car loans , business loans , personal loans and much more.

Plus we will talk about different random topics depends on what concern people in our present life, you may also comment your suggestions and i will be glad to discuss that together.
Also in this blog we will post some articles to help you win the job of your dream. We will teach you how to write a killing CV/resume, how to attend a successful interview, and many other things that can help you be the chosen one.
We will also talk about things you need to know before doing or buying something, like for example things you need to know before getting an insurance or loan or credit card.
Also we will talk about the latest technology trends and much more topics that we will discuss based on your need.
Stay tuned.

About me:
I am a blogger with decent experience in blogging, I have been learning web development languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery and PHP. I love blogging and sharing with people my knowledge about different things. You may suggest some topics that concerns you and we will discuss it together on this blog.

I have graduated from school in 2007 and since then I started working in different industries.

Thank you for joining me and hope you enjoy reading

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