Eight-month-old baby passed away due to vodka that his mum gave him to make him sleep

A mother was taken into custody after being accused of causing the death of her eight months baby. The incident happened when the mother gave her ill baby vodka to make him sleep and go out to party instead of taking him to hospital.

According to reports, the baby Zakhar had fallen sick due to a viral infection and Mother Nadezhda Yarych was advised by doctors who checked on her baby to hospitalize her baby but the mother refused as she wanted to treat him at home.

The baby was taken to hospital 4 times within a week but the mother refused to hospitalize him each times she was asked by doctors. The reason why she refused is that she did not want to miss the holiday celebrations in hospital with her baby. According to reports, the mother gave her baby vodka each time she wants to leave the house for a party in order to make the baby sleep.

On 5th of Jan the child passed away and according to examination, the child’s death was due to viral infection. The investigation is still ongoing to find out more details on the incident.