Email Security Software

Why Email security software?

It is a must for all business that uses emails in their day to day work to secure their emails. Email security is vital for all business to protect their business information from the growing threat of hackers, viruses spam , phishing , identity theft and ransomware.

There are many ways to secure your email and the users as well. You can make sure that your staff have enough training how to protect themselves from being attached and how to react when they see something suspicious.

What are the providers of Email security software?

Another way to protect your email to make sure that you are protected is to get an email security software. There are a lot of companies that offer this kind of service.


If you use for example websense email security then it will block all inbound or outbound email threats and guard against any threat. They offer a lot of products and services such as Cloud security ,network security, Data and insider threat security , cross domain authority and much more . To find out more about their services and products please visit Their site here .


Symantec Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange is also another good choice for you. They offer protection against virus threats, spam, and security risks. Their products are Advanced Threat Protection, Anomaly Detection for Automotive, Endpoint Protection Cloud and much more products that will work for you just fine. Learn more about their products and services here.


Sophos is another company in our list. It will block spam, viruses, spyware and phishing. It scans all inbound, outbound and internal email and Exchange message stores. They have a lot of services as well such as Secure email gateway, XG firewall, Secure web gateway , endpoint protection and much more which you can find here


Cisco , is another company that will help you to defend your business against ransomware, phishing, and other sophisticated attacks with their Cisco Advanced Malware Protection.. They offer a great deal of products including, Advanced malware protection, cloud security, email security endpoint security and much more. Find out more on the other products and services here .


Dell is another Email Security Software & Solutions, using Dell can help you protect your organization from outside attacks with an effective virus, zombie, phishing and spam blocker that also ensures compliance and e-discovery mandates are met with ease. They have a lot of services and products such as network security, mobile and endpoint security, email security and much more. Learn more here .


Proofpoint is another company that can help you protect your business email . Proofpoint Email Protection stops malware and non-malware threats such as impostor email. Deployed as a cloud service or on-premises, it provides granular filtering to control bulk “graymail” and other unwanted .email. And business continuity capabilities keep email communications flowing, even when your email server fails. They offer many services and products such as Advanced threat protection, email protection, information protection and much more , find out more here .


There are many other companies that offer those kind of services and all of them they offer very good plans. It is highly recommended for your as a business owner or a company to protect your emails from the different threats that businesses get on daily basis. If for example one of your employees receives an email and he clicked on a link that was in the email or he opened the attachment then be sure that you will lose all your data. After losing your data you will be asked for ransom to get back your data. So it is a good practice to give your employee a proper training on how they should react in these cases, plus you should get one of the above mentioned services to remain protected and secure.