Inventory Management and Accounting Software

If you are planning to open a business such as a supermarket or clothes store any business that involves selling and buying products , you should think of one important thing that can be of a great help to your business and can help you succeed in it. This important thing is called inventory management system. This is a computer based tracking system that keeps counting the number of products available in your stock and every time a product is sold the inventory software will add it to sold items.

because it is impossible for a human to count the number of entries and exits even for a small business, that is why it very recommended to get an inventory management software to take care of this complicated and critical tasks. So using inventories with the collaboration of hardware, software, and human efforts is the best method of maintaining a proper inventory.

The inventory management software is required to do many tasks such as:

Order management: that means you can set the software so that when a product number reaches certain number then the software will notify you so that you can make an order to refill your stock.

Asset Tracking: When the product is sold or shipped, it can be tracked via its tag or barcode scanner quickbooks

Inventory Optimization : what does this mean is for example , if you have 10 different products , and the software will show you that 7 products sold well, then on your next order you will know which product is best seller so that you can make your order accordingly. So Inventory monitoring software helps the warehouse administration to maintain optimum level of stock by determining the quick and slow item movers.

Inventory management software has a lot of advantages such as:

  • Increased efficiency
  • Warehouse organization
  • Updated data
  • Data Security
  • Higher accuracy
  • Cost savings

Now as you know the importance of inventory management software, the next question will be what is the best company for you that provide this kind of very important service?

fishbowl inventory

The first company will be fishbowl inventory , is an Orem, Utah-based software company that develops and publishes inventory management software and related software. they have many services and products such as fishbowl manufacturing, fishbowl warehouse, asset tracking , barcode hardware and many more products. click here to know more about their services and products and prices.


An other company is called zoho inventory which is an online application that enables enables users to manage their orders and inventory , they have many services as well such as inventory control,warehouse management,order management and much more , kindly visit the website here for more details

DEAR inventory

DEAR inventory is great choice for businesses in retail, wholesale, manufacturing, food production sectors which have requirements to manage inventory levels.They provide many services including inventory management, accounting and many more services. you may visit their website for more details on the services and prices.


Megaventory is a Web-based inventory, order management, manufacturing. They have many other products and services, you can visit the website for more details on the products and prices.

There are many other companies that you might consider we will mention them below as fellow.

Those are some of the companies that can offer you with the service your business requires to be a successful one. You can go through each of them , check the services and products they offer and also the price and you can see which one will be good for. The good thing is that most of them are offering free trial, so you can start with their free trail and see which one will benefit you more.