Ladies must avoid these things on Dates

Probably you have just met someone and you are going with him on a Date. Probably you have been waiting for this for a long time as you are waiting for the perfect match for you, and then when finally you meet him you start to worry to miss up during your first date. Sometime the first always end up with a bad ending due to some reasons which we will show in this article. For any lady going for especially the first date should avoid doing these things.

Don’t be negative! probably you had a bad experience with men you have tried to date a have a serious relationship but this doesn’t mean that all men are the same, if one let you down it does not mean that the other will do. So don’t pre judge and should the person from the first date that you don’t trust him as he is a man. Give him chance to show you that he deserve trust but keep yourself alert in case if your assumptions were wrong. There are certain signs that shows that a man is honest and there are signs that show that a man is dishonest .

The are a lot of people who expect everyone to be prefect or ideal, and that is not possible for all human beings, no one is perfect and neither you so don’t judge the book by its cover.Take your time before judging your first date. Don’t just people from the way they dress or the way they look or even from what they order to drink or eat because there are some people unfortunately who do this. Just your future partner from the way he talks and by his character. Ask the person what he expect from the relationship or how further he want to go with you. If you are looking for a marriage then you will find out if he ready to fulfil your wish or he just want an open relationship which will for sure have some bad consequences.

When you are in a restaurant with your date , never disappear when it is time for the bill. This doesn’t give good impression on you . In the contrary it will show you as a materialist and opportunist. If a man invites you for dinner , then be sure that he will take of the bill even if you insist to share the charges with him still he will refuse. So when the bill comes then offer a help and if your man is gentle one then of course he will not take a penny from you. This behaviour is very annoying even when the man was planning to make the payment himself and not take any single cent from you. During the dinner or lunch or even drinking a coffee, don’t choose the most expensive meals or drinks even if he ask , show him that you care for him and your don’t want him to spend too much money. Don’t keep on talking about yourself or problems all the time.

If you are using your phone all the time on your first date then be sure that will be the most unsuccessful date you will ever had. When you go for a date , it is recommended that you put your phone on silent mode and put it in your bag and forget it for sometimes, at least for the first date , because on the first date you are still getting to know the person you are meeting and you concentrate on that. Don’t use your phone taking pictures of your date and posting on social media and also avoid asking your date to take a picture for you from different angles . This can be very annoying and rude.

Don’t act like a queen on your date as this can be exaggerated. Many ladies watching too many romantic movies and expect the same from their date. Remember that movies are only movies and reality is reality. Act normally and you will win his heart and impress him.

There are many bad behaviours that can have a bad impact on your first date. So think about them and learn from your mistakes. Last thing , having a marriage relationship if it is based on love is better that any open relationship that you can imagine and the above points work for men as well.