Travel Protection Plans

Many people when they make their travel plans they think about everything including airline tickets , hotel booking, places to see and many other things and they miss to think about one of the most important things that everyone traveling should think about : travel insurance plan against whatever bad can happen while they in a foreign country.

In this article we will talk about these important things.

So what is travel insurance:

There are many different types of travel insurances; we will talk about each one individually.
Basically there are two different categories of insurances: Trip cancellation insurance and travel medical insurance,

What does trip cancellation insurance include?

  • Trip cancellation

This insurance means that if you decide to cancel your trip for a valid reason then this insurance will reimburse your pre-paid non refundable portion of your trip expenses.
So this is a very amazing insurance as how many times it happened that you planned to travel, you paid for your hotel, airline ticket, and some other travelling packages and then some circumstances came up, if you don't have this insurance then you will probably lose a lot of money and this is where this insurance comes in handy.

  • Trip interruption

Now let's suppose that you are on a trip in another country,and while you are enjoying your trip then you received a bad news. This news can include one of those things:
Your house is on fire or flooded.
One of your relatives God forbids passed away or any other emergency that obliges you to interrupt your trip.

This insurance will help a lot as it will help you for any additional expenses to make arrangements to return home early.

  • Emergency medical expenses

This insurance will help you a lot in case if you fall sick or being injured when you are on your trip by paying for the expenses. Your domestic health insurance may not cover you while you are outside your country or may not cover your fully.

  • Emergency medical Evacuation

This insurance comes in handy when for example while on trip you fall sick or injured by transporting you to the nearest hospital where you can get medical attention and will cover the expenses, Also when you are stable and would like to go back home, it would give you free transportation back home under Repatriation benefit.

  • Repatriation of Remains

This is another important insurance! No one know where he has to leave this life, so in case you are on a trip in another country and it happens that you God forbids passed away, then this insurance will take care of returning your body to your country.

  • Baggage

This is an insurance that will cover your luggage in case you lost it or delayed up to various amount. There are some insurance that ask you to claim your luggage directly from the travel provider like your airlines as they are the one who lost your luggage.

  • Accidental death and Dismemberment

This one will be useful if a death occurred during an accident or were to lose one or two limbs in an accident.

What is travel medical insurance?

This insurance mainly focuses on medical health insurance and covers it properly and does not focus on emergencies only like what trip cancellation insurance does. This is a very ideal for those who intend tp stay for a long time outside their countries.

what benefits it provides once purchased?

If you are driving to any other country then it is recommended to ask for this insurance when you are taking auto insurance and the good news is that it doesn't cost you anything more on your initial down payment.

This is one of the benefits that you can get from this insurance. The other benefits that you can get are that if an accident happens or your car is broken down you can call any towing service company and tow your car as many times as you need. The insurance company will reimburse it up to 50$ each time you use it which a very convenient for anyone travelling and can remain secure all the time during his trip.

And also if your car is disabled due to an accident or stolen then you will be eligible for a car rent fee up to 25$ a day and for 10 days and you may also get the service from any company you wish or available .

In short, there are a lot of benefits you may get from these types of insurances, so if you are planning to travel outside your country with your family then you have to think of getting one of these plans to remain secure all the time, you and your beloved ones and your properties as well.


So don't assume that you might not encounter any unfortunate event and skip this step. Think about it seriously and just about in case of something happens to you or to your family how much you will have to pay for that if you have no insurance and also check with any insurance company how they charge you for that what benefits you can get.