Network Monitoring Software

What is Network Monitoring?

Network Monitoring is an important practice for all companies and enterprises. It refers to the process of monitoring a computer network with the help of a specialized management software tool.

Network monitoring software will allow Admin to monitor access, slow or failing components , firewalls, routers and much more to ensure availability and perfect performance of computers and network services.

So what makes this software special is the ability of detecting failures of devices and connections and reporting them. What it does is it sends regular messages to each host over the network to test how fast it respond to this messages. If the response takes time then the system will send another message called alerts to the dedicated locations such as the management server to notify system administrators.

So what are the network monitoring software tools that i can try ?

The first one in our list will be Solarwinds RMM.

This will help you Reduce network outages and improve performance with advanced network monitoring software. The key features of this tool is :

  • Multi-vendor network monitoring
  • Critical path visualization
  • Performance analysis dashboard
  • Intelligent alerts
  • Network insight for Cisco ASA.

And the price of this tools starts at 2895$ , download the free trial from here .

Learn more on how Solarwinds is considered number 1 in network management software here .


The second in our list is Site24x7

Their comprehensive monitoring tool gives complete visibility into the health and performance of your network. Ensure uptime and fault management of all your SNMP devices with our secure, firewall-friendly architecture and keep an eye on your network.

With the network monitoring tool you will be able to monitor many areas , Switch monitoring and Router monitoring , this will allow you to monitor the performance of your CPU, memory utilization ,and more.

Firewall monitoring will allow you to monitor the performance of firewall device .

Wireless Monitoring this will allow you to check the signal strength, receive and transmit data rates and other usage metrics.

To know more about the other areas that you could monitor using the network monitoring tool please visit Site24x7

You can use their free trial here , and to know more about their plan and prices please visit their page here .


OpsGenie is an alerting and on-call management solution for dev and ops teams designed to notify the right people at the right time. Some of the features of this network monitoring tool is offering multiple communication channels to ensure that the administrators are notified on the spot when an issue occurs.

Rich notifications, as you will get complete details on the issue via email or SMS or other means of communication so that you will be aware of the exact issue to be able to take the right step to solve the issue.

To know more about the features please learn more here, and to know more about their plans and pricing from here , but first , before choosing a plan you can start with their free trial from here .


With nessus network monitoring tool you will have the ability to analyse network traffic to provide continuous visibility into managed and unmanaged assets on your network . With Nessus network monitoring tool you will be able to eliminate critical blind spots, you will have the ability to monitor anywhere ,Asset discovery, suspicious traffic identification and much more.

Learn more about the features of this tool here and about the pricing and plans here.


User activity monitoring solution that allows you to capture video recording, identify users, and generate textual audit logs. Learn more about their products here. You can try their free trial here  or if you would like to get a quote then you may fill this form up.

There are many other companies that you may try but we will mention only the above companies.