Many people are drinking alcohol, there are people who drink from time to time and from occasion to occasion and there are people who drink on daily basis either a small amount or large amount. Some people find themselves in a situation that they cannot get rid of this habit and they try to stop drinking but they cannot because unfortunately Alcohol is a drug, that means it is very hard or sometimes impossible to quit it. That is why you find many people who have no option but to quit alcohol or people who want to change their life from that miserable alcoholic life to a natural clean life , approach a centre called REHAB.

So What is Rehab?

Rehab is short for Residential rehabilitation which a centre or program that helps drug addicts to be drug free and to re-enter the society and become good citizens, it provides a very intensive program of support and care aimed at people who have difficulty becoming drug free in the community.
many people think that rehab is very strict in term of freedom, that is to say , a patient is not allowed to leave the facility till he gets the approval from the doctor or people in charge, But in fact , Patients in Rehab are free to leave any time they want.

There many types of Rehab, you can find Rehab for females only or for males only, and also you find some rehab for specific age group , this can help a patient feel more comfortable in the centre .And also you will find some rehab specialize in helping patients with a specific drug addiction; others offer a broader range of drug addiction services.
Sometimes the result of a Rehab program won’t be effective if a patient is not cooperating, in another word, if a patient is forced to join a Rehab centre and he is not willing to get rid of his addiction then this might not work for him properly .

So doctors will make the patients commit to themselves and their beloved ones that they will get rid of their addiction and change their life to a better one. Doctors will educate the patients about the negative consequences of drugs and alcohol on their life in general , either financially , physical, psychologically and socially , and there were times when we saw peoples’ life got ruined because of drugs or alcohol either by being killed, or got jailed or simply died. Those reasons are more than enough to let us think thoroughly on what we are doing, then if we are not happy of what we are doing then we can change it.

So if a person is addicted to alcohol or drugs and he decided to change his life to a better one then he can contact one of the Rehab Centers in his country and start his journey to a better life.
you may contact any Drug Rehab Facilities , just do a search on internet and you will find a lot of places that can help you overcome this.