These jobs can cause your divorce

We keep hearing recently about many divorce cases and about the different reasons behind it, but what we really don't know or not aware of is that most of the cases are related to the people who are working in certain industries or related to their wives. So if you are married and looking for a job then it is better to chose what job you will accept, if you are working and looking to get married then it is better to know if your job is in the list that we will mention in this article. Job alone is not the only cause of the divorce but also related to the husband and wife who don't know how to handle the situations or the conditions that these jobs can lead to. You might find some people who are working in one of these jobs but they are successful in their marriage and they have a happy family only because they handle very well the any bad situation or condition that can occur from these jobs.

The first job we can mention is jobs related to laboratories , or chemical technicians who work longer hours due to their job's requirements and hence have no time for their family. When you don't have time for your family and always away from home then expect problems to increase and take you directly to the final stage of your marriage life : "Divorce".

The second job is for those working in Military , which involves moving from your home to somewhere else based on job demand and requirements and for unknown number of days or month can undoubtedly have a terrible impact on your marriage. Things will be worse for those deployed in an isolated place where communications are poor and there for can not get in touch with their family members.

Medical assistants come next in our list, Guess why , simply because this job involves work longer hours, part time, extra hours , during holidays and on weekends and also working in a very busy and stressful environment.All these ingredients can push the person to the limit and can make her or him burst if the other partner doesn't take all these in a consideration , before you got married with that person you probably new that he or she works as a medical assistant or in hospital and you probably new the nature of that job, so you should understand the situation and accept whatever pressure comes from that job if you really care for your family. Also there are many people who occupy this job and still they have a very wonderful family life.


Carpenters and car technicians and mechanics come next, these jobs also involve working over night sometimes and also during the weekends and holidays, Also when a carpenter comes home late night with too much dust and aches , or a mechanic who returns home greasy and suffering from back pains and so on, with out denying the fact that these jobs cause too much injury and illness for people who occupy them , All these condition can leave no time for those people to take care of their family.
Labourers also work for longer hours, sometimes more than eight hours in one shifts. Labour jobs can lead to many injuries as it involves doing the job manually , carrying and moving heavy objects and son. It also involves working during weekends , overnight and during holidays with of course low pay. This can have a very negative impact on the marriage and can lead to a divorce of the patience was absent.

Being a Nurse can mean, stress, long hours, work on weekends, and overnight. Those the perfect ingredients to jeopardize your marriage. Nurses' Duty is to take care of patients , different patients with different level of illness , there are some patients' conditions which are critical and require the optimum care from the nurse. Sometime this puts the nurse in a marital, physical and psychological stress and lead her or him to the unfortunate end: "Divorce".

If you are working in sales , and your job involves visiting , calling and emailing client then you may be working for longer hours and your time is not regular, and sometime you don't know neither when you will be able to go back home nor the time you will spend at home because you will be all the time working hard to reach your sales goals, this can leave with less time for your family and therefore can cause your marriage to be broken.

Social workers who keep travelling all the time and face many obstacles can get divorced easily . There are many other jobs that can lead to divorce due to the stress and problems that can cause , but it doesn't mean that all people working in these jobs end in a divorce, absolutely not. There are many people who occupy these jobs and have a happy family , it is only due to the way they handle stress, problems and son on. So if you love your partner you should be next to him in all stages of life, when he is sick, when he is sad , when he is happy and so on, share with him or her everything, the sweet and bitter of life and don't lead your money to go to Divorce Attorney pocket only because of the job. Marriage divorce can happen if there are serious issues, issues that can not be fixed, but not the issues related to a job.