Update on Neymar’s last injury

Neymar still suffers from a serious injury in his foot, making him unlikely to participate in the Champions League match between Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester United next month.

The Brazilian international was forced out for one hour in a Paris St Germain match against Strasbourg  2-0 with obvious pain and appeared to cry when he left the stadium at the Park des Princes

Neymar was limping on his way to the dressing room after being examined by a Paris Saint Germain doctor .

It was not clear how Neymar’s injury happened, but he had been hit by the opposing midfielder earlier in the game

Television pictures later showed Neymar removing his sock and pointing to the side of his right foot,  the same foot that was injured a year ago when he was playing in the French league against Marseille.

Neymar is worried, because it is the same foot, and the right foot, in the same area. Neymar was taken to the hospital and the team is waiting for the doctor to give updates about Neymar

The Paris Saint-Germain team confirmed on Thursday morning that it had been injured in the same area where it was injured last year, which caused him to be absent for the rest of the season.  Even though he was recovered and played the world cup in Russia but still he was not up to his level.

Some team members blamed Neymar and said that the injury happened because of the was he plays

The Paris Saint-Germain team goes to Old Trafford on February 12 before returning three weeks later in the French capital